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How PAL Heights Has Dominated The Hospitality Sector In Bhubaneswar
Uncategorized December 02, 2022

How PAL Heights Has Dominated The Hospitality Sector In Bhubaneswar

Over the past two decades, PAL Heights has been a household name for all those who live in the twin cities. Despite being primarily known for the attached shopping mall, this prestigious four-star hotel in Bhubaneswar is still a go-to luxury hotel for the people of Bhubaneswar and for good reasons! PAL Heights has been known for being a trendsetter in the hospitality sector in the city and continues to set the benchmarks for being an exceptional space for events, stay or leisure. So, here are the three ways in which PAL Heights has managed to dominate the hospitality sector for so long:

1) Live Tandoor & Fine-Dining Experience at Zaika: The restaurant has been an integral part of PAL Height’s identity since its inception. The restaurant had started as a fine-dining, family restaurant, offering high quality food and beverages to its guests. However, over the years, this restaurant has incorporated a live tandoor to enhance the dining experience of their guests while also maintaining the high standards of food and ambience that it was known for. Overall, it is one of the best restaurants in the city for people looking for great taste, quality and ambience with loved ones.

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Zaika’s Live tandoor

2) Plethora Of Options: PAL Heights is not just a perfect location for family, but also is a safe space for a young crowd looking to make memories with their friends. PAL Heights hosts Kasaba and Desire which are the bar and dance club respectively within its property for all those looking to catch up with friends over drinks in a safe, friendly and inviting environment.

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Kasaba in PAL Heights

3) Breathtaking Rooftop View & Offers For All: Apart from exceptionally maintained rooms and efficient service, PAL Heights also offers a space to relax while enjoying the scenic beauty of the city. The restaurant Breeze, located on the rooftop of the hotel offers a stunning décor, mature ambience along with great food; making it a perfect destination for people looking to enjoy their surroundings without compromising on the quality. Meanwhile, PAL Heights routinely hosts great offers and packages to suit everyone’s needs, which makes it a go-to spot for most people looking for great services, food and ambience at reasonable prices!

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Heights breathtaking views at Breeze, PAL
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