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Daughter’s Festival: A Gala Celebration At Pal Heights & Mantra
Uncategorized January 16, 2023

Daughter’s Festival: A Gala Celebration At Pal Heights & Mantra

Blessings come in all forms and daughters are one of them! We at PAL realise this and genuinely believe in it. Thus, every year, in the month of December, we decide to honour and cherish the daughters of all generations by making them feel special at PAL. Every daughter who comes to either of our properties during the ‘Daughter’s Festival’ is given a grand welcome! Regardless of her age, every woman is a daughter and she deserves to be treated with love and care. A daughter showers her family with unconditional love throughout the years, even after marriage and that is a bond that we at PAL aim to honour. A bond that transcends time, age, life’s different stages, and circumstances; should be embraced and celebrated.

Any daughter who comes to PAL is treated like a queen with a tiara and a sash, while we also try to sweeten their day with a complimentary cake, just the way they have been sweetening the lives of their families throughout generations. We express our gratitude to them through gifts and also try to capture their special moments with their loved ones, to ensure that they are reminded of the fact that they are unique, and special and that they matter! 

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