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Why PAL Mantra Is The Best Highway Hotel In The Twin Cities
Uncategorized February 06, 2023

Why PAL Mantra Is The Best Highway Hotel In The Twin Cities

Oftentimes while travelling long distances, we feel the need to take a breather and relax. We search for places with good food and unwind after a long drive. We wander and search for the perfect place to stretch our legs and freshen up to be able to move further with renewed vigour. For this, we at PAL would like to suggest our property PAL Heights Mantra, located at Pahal, which serves as the perfect highway hotel located on the highway between the twin cities!

1)     Convenient Drive-Thru: While travelling between the twin cities, you can avail of the services of the drive-through and enjoy a healthy and enriching meal on the go! Simply give us a call in advance and collect your order piping hot.

2)     Restaurants Galore: PAL Heights Mantra offers a range of restaurants to choose from so you can satisfy all your cravings! Be it authentic Punjabi food or continental European dishes, we have everything and more to satisfy you belly & soul!

courtyard 2

3)     Accessible & Hygienic Washrooms: One of the primary concerns while travelling is availing of hygienic washrooms. But this issue is also resolved at PAL Mantra which provides clean washrooms on the ground floor which are open to everyone. 

4)     Quick Refreshments: While travelling, one often craves a place to grab quick refreshments from while sipping on some refreshing beverages and the Tea Kettle Cafe at PAL Heights Mantra is the perfect pitstop for the same. Once cam easily enter the cafe as it is located on the outer perimeter of the hotel and relax for some time while nibbling on quality cakes and tea! 

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