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Welcoming 2023 With Panache at PAL Heights
Uncategorized February 06, 2023

Welcoming 2023 With Panache at PAL Heights

After almost two years of the Covid pandemic, 2022 was the year when people celebrated unbridled sans fear and hesitations. With no restrictions imposed by the government, we at PAL decided to make this new year truly memorable! From Bollywood parties to gala theme events, we decided to go all out this festive season. First, we decided to give everyone a chance to dance their heart out on some quintessential Bollywood beats and thus, we organized the Grand New Year event at Kasbaa in Pal Heights, Bhubaneswar. We ensured that all the guests danced their hearts out and welcomed 2023 with enthusiasm and gusto! Simultaneously, we also organized a gala ‘Western Style’ theme party at Harmony in Pal Heights to give everyone options to dance, eat and make merry!

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For our customers looking for a night with close friends on the rooftop, we organized live musical sessions for our guests at both Cabana in Pal Mantra and Breeze in Pal Heights. The musical notes under the stars reverberated through the nip in the air and sprinkled magic and awe in everyone’s hearts. Meanwhile, we also arranged for candlelight dinners at both PAL Mantra’s Courtyard and PAL Height’s Breeze to give our customers a chance to unwind on the last day of the year.

After a long night of partying, we figured our guests would like to relax and rejuvenate in our luxurious rooms. For that, we also had the silver and gold rooms prepared which allowed the guests the flexibility of a late checkout and also enjoying our excellent services.

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The feedback we received from our guests was extremely generous and positive. We received several advance booking requests for tables and all our events were roaring successes in their own regard! We at PAL couldn’t be grateful enough for all our guests who came to us for celebrating the last day of the year and welcoming the new year with open arms!

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