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Five Reasons Why PAL Heights & Mantra Should Be Your Next Date Night Location
Uncategorized November 15, 2022

Five Reasons Why PAL Heights & Mantra Should Be Your Next Date Night Location

While most restaurants might offer a great variety of food items and other services, very few provide the right ambience while taking care of individual needs of their guests while also providing great value for money. However, as one of the best hotels in Bhubaneswar, we also understand the value of quality experiences and superior services. Thus, here are five reasons why PAL Heights & PAL Heights Mantra should be your next date night location:

1) Appropriate Ambience: If you are looking to spend quality time with that special someone, then PAL Heights’ Breeze rooftop restaurant and PAL Mantras’ Cabana rooftop restaurant are the right choices for you. In addition to a stunning view of the twin cities, the candle-lit seating arrangement beside the pool ensures a memorable experience for all guests.

Inviting ambience for couples

2) Couple’s package: We at PAL believe in making dreams come true for our guests and thus we also offer a couple’s package which includes a full course meal with beverages while ensuring great taste, quality and presentation! 

3) Amazing Food & Beverages: While all other factors are important for a date, the quality of food and drinks is the most essential part of the entire dining experience. At PAL, assure you the best taste, quality and flavours to ensure that you leave with a smile and a satiated soul!

Food at pal3
Amazing food at PAL!

4) Immaculate Services: Our staff at PAL are some of the best in the industry and are known to provide top-notch services while caring and catering to the needs of every guest that graces us with their presence.

5) Unbeatable Pricing: While the experience of a candle-lit dinner is one that many couples aspire to experience, we also understand that it is hard to find a place that ticks off all the points while also providing a good deal. However, our couple’s package ensures that you get your money’s worth while also making memories to last a lifetime!

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