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Five Tips To Make The Best Of Your Luxury Hotel Experience
Uncategorized November 15, 2022

Five Tips To Make The Best Of Your Luxury Hotel Experience

After ages of being cooped up in our homes during the pandemic, we finally have to come to a point where it feels safe and comfortable enough for us to venture out and take vacations. Everyone is planning their next adventure with an elaborate itinerary to help them sail through their plans and make the most of their travel escapades. But one often forgets that in order to make the best of a vacation, they should also ensure to get the best experience at the hotel that they are staying in, especially if it is a premium luxury hotel. So, to make your life simpler and help you make the most of your luxury hotel experience, here are five tips and tricks to use and implement during your next vacation.

1) Email the hotel before checking-in: If you’re taking a special vacation at a beautiful luxury hotel but are also a stickler for details, then it is always a better idea to contact the hotel staff ahead of time in the form of an email with all our needs. By emailing the staff before checking into the hotel, the staff can ensure that the room is set to perfection and to your liking.

Reception Waiting1 PHM
Inform the luxury hotel beforehand of your needs

2) Choose a centrally located hotel: One of the main things that we should look for while travelling or taking a vacation in a different city is to opt for a hotel which is centrally located. This would help in ensuring that you can always reach all the tourist spots and must-see locations without much hassle. Our hotel, PAL Heights is a great example of the same as its feasible location ensures a cost effective and easy way of travelling and sightseeing.

PHM Highway Signage3 1
PAL Mantra’s impeccable services

3) Make use of the in-room television set: Most luxury hotels provide a television set with cable for you to relax and enjoy shows while in bed. However, in this day and age of Netflix and other OTT platforms, we might often feel like we’re missing out on the fun. But that truly is not the case if you make good use of the amenities provided. You can easily utilise the in-house TV and connect it to your streaming platform’s account to enjoy your favourite show without compromising on the quality.

Mantra Suite Room1
Make the best use of the in-house television set

4) Make use of all amenities: A luxury hotel is known for providing a premium and luxe experience by taking care of the little details to make your stay extra comfortable and memorable. Be it providing a tea set for you to enjoy your morning cup without heading to the buffet or providing scented candles for you to enjoy a spa like experience while relaxing in the bathtub; a luxury hotel will ensure to spoil you with these facilities. So, in order to get the best experience, one must utilise these facilities to the maximum and never shy away from asking the hotel staff for help.

5) Seek travel advice from the hotel’s concierge: When travelling to an unknown city, it is easy to get lost in the humdrum of touristy activities and be deprived of the hidden gems in that particular area. In these cases, the hotel’s concierge can be your go-to person in order to seek the best travel recommendations. Since oftentimes, the hotel staff are locals, they end up knowing the best street food corners and other lesser-known hotspots which can amp up your travel experience to several notches. So next time when you’re on a vacation, don’t hesitate to ask your hotel concierge for advice and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. 

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